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28.03.2017 - Press release

You are an expert in an executive position from a developing and newly industrialising country interested in environmental sustainability and striving to further your knowledge in this field? The German Ministry for Environment (BMUB), UNEP and UNESCO in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden are offering scholarships for four weeks to six month courses to further educate yourself in this field.

UNEP, UNESCO and the German Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden, one of a few Universities of Excellence in Germany, are offering an international postgraduate training programme on environmental management for experts from developing and newly industrialising countries.

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For forty years, experts from all over the world have participated in these courses at the Centre for International Postgraduate Studies of Environmental Management (CIPSEM) furthering their knowledge and receiving great international recognition.

With its integrative concept the course programme supports the 2030-Agenda for sustainable development. CIPSEM aims to assist professionals from ministries, agencies or local government units and NGOs to improve their knowledge base and skills to actively support the environmentally sound and sustainable development of their countries.

To celebrate the 40 year existence of the programme, four unique courses will be offered.

First course ‘Ecosystem Management- conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services’

Important ecosystem assessments will be covered and the participants will be introduced to a range of different methodologies from the natural and social sciences to assess and evaluate ecosystem services in different societal contexts and convey basics of biodiversity and ecosystem governance. Furthermore, attendees will be introduced to state-of-the-art ecological theory and learn to apply this knowledge with a socio-economic framework. The short course is from August 30 - September 26, 2017 and is open for managers and decision-makers with a biodiversity background. These must be able to provide a first university degree and have the ability to actively interact in English.

Second course ‘Soil and Land Resources for Sustainable Development (SC72)’

The second course will be offered to experts aspiring to deal intensively with the connections between land use and nutrient cycles in the context of water catchment areas at a global level. During the course participants will be able to develop concepts for soil and water protection as an integral part of sustainable land management. This course is designed for managers and decision makers with a strong occupational background in environmental protection focusing on soil and land. The programme period is October 11 - November 3, 2017 and applicants require a first university degree as well as good English communication skills.

Third course ‘Resource Efficiency - Cleaner production and waste management (SC73)’

This course participatory short course offered at CIPSEM for the successful international applicants. It offers solid background knowledge combined with workshops and site visits to provide an overview of social, legal, policy, economic and technological aspects of circular economy and sustainable waste management. Further objectives are to create new concepts and ideas for sustainable resource management based on reduction, reuse and recycling of materials (3Rs). Participants are expected to adapt new ideas and concepts for a sustainable resource economy. The course strives to make participants consider “waste” as a raw material and enable them to contribute actively to the development or advancement of sustainable resource management in their home countries. The course is scheduled for November 15 - December 8, 2017. Applicants should have several years of course relevant professional experience. Successful participants will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency in Resource Efficiency - Cleaner production and Waste Management.

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As a six month course, CISPEM furthermore offers ‘Environmental Management for developing and emerging countries’ from January 10 - July 12, 2018. Organized in modules this course covers environmental management as an integrated interdisciplinary field comprising of conservation and restoration ecology, water and atmosphere, soil and land resources, sustainable urban and regional development, waste management and circular economy, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Lectures will be held by professors of the Technical University Dresden as well as by experts from various national and international institutions. The participants are required to carry out profound research on a specific environment related subject and present the results at the end of the course. The objectives of this course include developing interdisciplinary strategies for sustainable development and taking appropriate measures for an environmental protection that takes ecological, socio-economic and cultural aspects into account. This six-month programme is designed for decision-makers of public administration both at national and local level.

For each course 21 applicants will be accepted, who will be able to stay in comfortable private studio apartments and receive a stipend of 450 Euro per month to cover basic living expenses. Flights and health insurance are also provided.

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