#KhombiSAGermany - ”Let us show you Germany” in style

01.10.2017 - Press release

The German Embassy Pretoria has rebuilt a VW Kombi 1971 model to showcase German culture, language and lifestyle in South Africa. #KhombisSAGermany is a word play with the isiZulu expression “Khombisa” (to show) and the English nickname “Kombi” for the VW bus in South Africa.

The bus features a modern-style interior to allow for open discussion with South Africans wherever she drives. KhombiSA is branded in German national colours and the retro design of the 1970s.

#KhombiSAGermany© GIC Africa

On various trips around Mzansi, South Africans told us about their long lasting love story with their VW Kombi.

With KhombiSA we will bring Germany to you. We hope to engage South Africans throughout the country in this beautiful bus.

In the past 18 months KhombiSA visited the whole variety of projects and initiatives supported by Germany, as well as various universities in South Africa.

KhombiSA will be part of various upcoming events at the Embassy, Goethe Institut as well as German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and other German institutions. All South Africans will be able to take part in a spot-the-bus competition and have the chance to win prizes for their pictures posted on our social media channels. #KhombiSAGermany will also feature in art projects and music video productions.

#KhombiSAGermany – “Let us show you Germany”

Follow the journey on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the German Embassy as well as an Instagram account of the bus.

KhombiSA is a vehicle to:

  • ShowcaseGerman culture, language and lifestyle
  • Informabout Germany
  • Meet South Africans – come drive with us!
  • Connect & Promote discussion

Striking exterior:

  • Vintage look with modern features
  • Revamped T2 bus (1971 model)
  • Partnered with local vehicle restorers Volksworks and local designers

Striking interior (German colours included on):

  • Seats
  • Steering wheel and gears
  • Vehicle rims


  • L-shaped seats to create meeting space
  • Multi-functional retro soundsystem
  • information material and social media channels

Choosing a name:

After weeks of back and forth we came up with the word-play #KhombiSA Germany. Khombisa is the isiZulu word meaning “to show”, while Kombi SA refers to the name South Africans gave to the type of VW-Bus. The slogan #KhombisaGermany we translate into “Let us show you Germany”.

Where can you find #KhombiSAGermany?

  • Pop-up events
  • Cultural events (partnering with Goethe)
  • University tour (partnering with DAAD)
  • The German taxi
  • Spot the bus competitions
  • High-level visits
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