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Staff of the German Consulate General
Staff of the German Consulate General© German Consulate General
Dear visitor,

Welcome to the home page of the German Consulate General in Cape Town – also on behalf of my entire team. As a German Mission abroad, we appreciate the interest you take in our work. All the more so since our country has become a significant partner to the Cape region:

More than 160,000 tourists from Germany visit the region every year (which makes us the 2nd biggest global market for its tourism sector). Germany is the destination of annual exports worth 5bn ZAR from the Cape (which puts us among its top 3 global markets for wine, fruit, and engine parts). And universities from Germany run more than a hundred scientific co-operation programmes with partner institutions in the Cape Provinces.

Maybe you are about to take a trip to Germany, visiting our home page as a prospective visa client. Or you are a student at university, planning to participate in an exchange programme with our country. Maybe you want to find out more about opportunities to do business in Germany with your company. Or you would like to join in our bilateral cultural cooperation.

We are happy to be your point of contact, together with our partners here in the region, such as the Goethe Centre, the German International School Cape Town, or the South African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Please feel free to contact us!

With best regards

Matthias Hansen, Consul General

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