Consular service during the Corona-pandemic

25.02.2021 - Article

For each service it is imperative to schedule an appointment. Only a reduced number of appointments can be scheduled.

Should you require one of the services mentioned below for an urgent reason, please contact us here explaining the type of service and its urgency in detail. We will then get in touch with you at the earliest and -should the urgency be confirmed- provide you with an Appointment.

  • Citizenship matter
  • Notarisation

For the following matters it is possible to schedule an appointment online. Appointments can only be scheduled for up to 4 weeks in advance. Should you not be able to schedule an appointment due to no slot being available, please continue trying on a daily basis.

  • Passport application
  • Passport Collection
  • Application for national visa for the purpose of family reunification, work, study (exclusively for these purposes)
  • Signature authentication
  • Certification of copies
  • Name declaration
  • Birth registration
  • Marriage registration
  • Urgent consular certification
    (e.g. certificate required for relocation to Germany)
  • Collection of citizenship certificates/naturalization certificates/certificates for the retention of German citizenship
  • Collection of police clearance certificates
  • Collection of name certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates

For each service it is imperative to schedule an appointment.

Please only schedule appointments for important and urgent matters.

In order to maintain “social distancing” at all times, please be punctual for your appointment, otherwise your appointment will be forfeited.

For the following matters you can schedule an appointment online at the Consulate General in Cape Town:

  • Passport applications
  • Name declarations
  • Registration of births
  • Registration of marriages
  • Application for a national visa
    (visas can only be issued in accordance with the Coronavirus-Schutzverordnung (travel-ban))

For the following matters appointments have to be scheduled individually:

  • notarisations (e.g. acknowledgement of paternity, certificate of inheritance)
  • signature authentications
  • consular certifications
  • applications for citizenship matters

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