Currently no passport applications at the Embassy of Pretoria

14.07.2020 - Article

Due to implications relating to the current COVID-19  pandemic, the Embassy will, unfortunately, not be in a position to accept and/or process German passport applications until approximately mid September 2020. The booking of appointments for said period will be possible as from mid August.

Confirmed appointments will immediately and automatically be cancelled.

Exceptions can only be made in very specific cases of emergencies, including matters where a person is no longer in possession of a valid German passport and has a confirmed repatriation flight. If this is the case, kindly send a detailed e-mail to the Embassy under the following e-mail address, info@pretoria.diplo.de, please also attach a copy of your flight ticket as well as your expired German passport. 

A further exception would be if an applicant has to apply for a  Residency Permit and/or Visa from the relevant South African authorities, but their German passport has already expired or will be expiring in the near future. In this case, kindly contact the Embassy, under the abovementioned e-mail address and attach a copy of your current passport as well as the relevant Residency Permit/Visa. 

If you only wish to renew your German passport in order to travel once the current restrictions have been lifted, the Embassy can not accept and/or process your application at this time.

Should the international travel restrictions be eased and/or lifted, the Embassy will be able to issue documentation enabling the entry into Germany, at short notice. In this case, kindly visit our website to ascertain that you are in possession of the required documentation.

The collection of German passports will currently continue. You will need an appointment to collect your German passport. Please book the relevant appointment online.

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