Recognition of an adoption


There is no obligation to have a South African adoption recognized, however it might be mandatory in order to establish the elegibility for a German passport.

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In order to have a South African adoption recognized the following documentation needs to be submitted (with apostille and translation into German) together with the application letter to the competent court in Germany:

  • South African adoption order
  • Documents explaining the child’s life before adoption
  • both unabridged birth certificates (after and before adoption)
  • document stating the consent of the biological parents
  • social reports about the child as well as the adoptive parents of the competent South African authority
  • letter explaining the reason for the adoption, choice for the child and adoption procedure (including all payments)
  • proof of marital status of the adoptive parents name and address of contact person in Germany upon whom all necessary correspondence from the court could be served

If neither the adoptive parents nor the child have residence in Germany the application has to be sent to:

Amtsgericht Schöneberg
- Familiengericht -
Grunewaldstraße 66-67
10823 Berlin
Postanschrift: 10820 Berlin

Telefon: +49 (0)30 90 159 - 536
Telefax: +49 (0)30 90 159 - 429

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