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Passports for applicants under the age of 24 are valid for six years. In general, biometric passports are issued for children. From the age of six, children must submit their fingerprints.

Passport for minors
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Upon request from the parents, a children's passport (“Kinderpass”) can be issued for minors under the age of 12. From the age of 12, a biometric passport is compulsory. All minors must be present while submitting the application. When applying for a child's first passport, it may be required to submit a name declaration.

Please note that we can only accept complete applications. In order to ensure that your application can be processed without delay, please submit the following documents in original and one copy (no certification needed).

Required Documents

  • A duly completed application form. The application form must be signed by both parents. If you have sole guardianship, please submit the applicable court order. If one parent cannot be present, a signed consent form (parent or legal guardian) for the application of a German travel document for the child is required. The signature must be certified by a German authority.
    Formular Zustimmung gesetzlichen Vertreter / consent form parents/guardian PDF / 45 KB
  • One recent passport photograph according to biometric specifications
  • “Unabridged Birth Certificate” or “Full Birth Certificate”
  • Previous passport/children's passport
  • German passports of parents
  • Parents' birth certificates (“Unabridged Birth Certificate” or “Full Birth Certificate”)
  • Parents' South African ID-book or temporary/permanent residence permit
  • Parents' Unabridged Marriage Certificate
  • if applicable, Name Declaration
  • Deregistration certificate from the German registration office (“Abmeldebescheinigung” vom Einwohnermeldeamt), if German residency is registered in the previous passport
  • if applicable, a German Certificate of Naturalisation (“Einbürgerungsurkunde Naturalisation Certificate” or German “Beibehaltungsgenehmigung” and South African Certificate of Naturalisation

Processing a passport can be facilitated if the minor or the parents possess any of the following documents which prove the citizenship of family members or ancestors, from whom he/she derives his/her German citizenship:

  • Citizenship certificates (even if expired)
  • Previous German passports or IDs
  • “Vertriebenenausweise” according to §15 of the Bundesvertriebenengesetz (old version until December 31, 1992) or “Spätaussiedlerbescheinigung” according to §15 of the Bundesvertriebenengesetz (newest version)
  • Naturalisation certificates

Processing a passport can take from six to eight weeks. Please submit the application approximately three months before the current passport expires. If there are compelling reasons (valid proof needed, eg. flight tickets, medical certificate) to receive a passport on short notice, a temporary passport can be issued when applying for a new passport.

You are required to submit further documentation based on how the child's parents' citizenship determined. Please check the appropriate categories on the page Passport application for adults.
The required documents are those that the parent, from whom the applicant derives German citizenship, if he/she would apply for a passport.

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South African Rand
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1. Normal fees:

Biometric passport (Applicant over 24 years)
81,-- Euro
Biometric passport (Applicant under 24 years)
58,50 Euro
Temporary passport
39,-- Euro
Children's passport
26,-- Euro

2. If you are still registered in Germany an additional fee (“Unzuständikeitszuschlag”) will be charged. The fees are:

Biometric passport (Applicant over 24 years)
141,-- Euro
Biometric passport (Applicant under 24 years)
96,-- Euro
Temporary passport
65,-- Euro
Children's passport
39,-- Euro

3. The biometric passport may also be issued with 48 pages, instead of 32 (recommended if frequent traveller), and/or as an express passport (processing time is about three weeks, compared to about eight weeks). The following additional fees will be charged for this service:

Biometric passport (48 pages)
22,- Euro
Express passport
32,- Euro

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