Climate Fund: Call for Project Proposals 2023

10.02.2023 - Article

The German Foreign Office’s Climate Fund supports projects in the areas of climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity.

Wind farm
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The German Foreign Office’s Climate Fund supports projects in the areas of climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity.

Who can apply?

  • The Call invites submissions from both, private and public sector
  • Non-governmental multipliers (economy, science, civil society)
  • Applicants and implementing organisations must have a South African base and need to contribute financially or by in kind contribution/staff

General remarks:

The financial scope of the projects should be between 10.000 € and 30.000 €.

Activities may include conferences, workshops, panel discussions, webinars, side-events, risk analysis, training courses, networking of think tanks. 

The focus lies on the Biodiversity and Climate Nexus: 

The biodiversity crisis and the climate crisis are closely interrelated. Changes in biodiversity, e.g. due to land use changes, deforestation, overexploitation of natural resources and pollution, have a negative impact on the climate system. At the same time, climate change has a negative impact on biodiversity: increased greenhouse gas emissions lead to rising average temperatures, altered precipitation patterns, more frequent extreme weather events, and to oxygen depletion and acidification of the oceans. The German Foreign Office’s Climate Fund aims at supporting projects which will:

  • contribute to awareness raising for climate change and biodiversity loss
  • encourage a transfer of information regarding climate and biodiversity politics and diplomacy (UNFCCC, UNCBD)
  • stimulate action oriented implementation at subnational and community level; motivate and involve all relevant actors and stakeholders

Applicants are expected to

  • complete the project within the year 2023
  • define clear goals and deliverables that allow for monitoring and evaluation
  • provide a detailed financial plan
  • provide information on planned outreach activities and media coverage

Please submit the following documents

  • Application form signed by two responsible employees of the submitting institution or designated persons in charge of the Project
  • Detailed description of the planned project, including goals and objectives, target group(s), deliverables,
  • If applicable: Cooperation with other Partners

The Embassy will do an initial screening and, if the above criteria are met, submit your proposal to the German Federal Foreign Office’s headquarters, where the selection process will be completed.

Please submit your proposal via E-Mail by Monday, 27 February 2023 to: climatefund@pret.diplo.de

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