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The Political Department promotes bilateral relations between Germany and South Africa through a continuing dialogue with the South African Government, the Parliament, political parties and civil society covering a wide range of political issues.

The observation and analysis of South Africa´s foreign and domestic policies, the preparation and management of high level visits of political decision makers, as well as the coordinaton of policies in multilateral bodies are other important activities. The division also covers the Kingdom of Lesotho and the Kingdom of Eswatini.

The Press Division is responsible for press work and public affairs with the aim of presenting German domestic and foreign policy to the South African public. It maintains close contact with local media outlets and journalists and is a prime source of information for German correspondents working in South Africa.

Also, it analyzes the South African media landscape and reports on media-related develpoments in the country. The Press Division works closely together with the virtual German Information Centre (www.gicafrica.diplo.de).

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German Information Centre

Meet modern Germany, be informed and enjoy stories about Germany and Africa. The German Information Centre Africa (GIC) is online under www.germanyinafrica.diplo.de. To stay updated you can subscribe to the GIC RSS-feeds, the newsletter or join the GIC fans on Facebook.

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Website of the GIC

GIC's Facebook page

GIC's Twitter channel

This section represents the portofolio of the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Health, and faciltates the bilateral relations with South African counterparts in these fields.

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The section also maintains strong relations with the South African trade unions, reaching the level of companies, namely in the metal and automotive industry as some major German companies have been established in South Africa for decades.

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Cultural and educational affairs, as well as sports, play an important role in Germany`s foreign policy. The Cultural Section of the German Embassy in Pretoria is dedicated, together with other German and German-South African cultural institutions, to promote contact, co-operation and understanding between the people of Germany and South Africa.

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German-South African Cultural Relations

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The Legal and Consular section offers many services to our customers, be it visa, passports, answering questions of German citizenship, or other consular services.

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The Department for Economic and Global Issues is comprised of the following divisions:

- Economy

- Energy, Climate and Environment

- Development Cooperation

- Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection

- Research, Science and Technology

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We offer information and provide contacts with the leading players in Germany and South Africa on the crucial issues facing our global future: From climate change to food security, from cutting-edge technology to helping overcome inequality. The department also closely follows developments in the major international economic fora.

The Economic Division

The Economic Division offers information about the economy in South Africa, about Germany as a business location as well as initiatives of foreign trade promotion through the Federal Foreign Office Berlin.

The Division also promotes German interests in the economic, commercial, financial, agricultural, technological, research and environmental sectors in South Africa and serves as a point of contact for Germany-related economic questions. It works with, among other organizations, the South African - German Chambers of Commerce and the representative of German trade and invest.

The Economic Division is the point of contact for questions related to compliance issues.

The Economic Cooperation and Development Section at the German Embassy Pretoria is responsible for the central coordination of development policy-related activities between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of South Africa, the Kingdom of Lesotho and Eswatini.

The development partnership between Germany and South Africa supports the country in overcoming its remaining development problems - particularly in the areas of good governance, energy, health, vocational training and violence prevention. Furthermore, the cooperation aims to contribute to global climate protection and strengthen South Africa's important role for democracy, peace and stability on the African continent.

German-South African development cooperation focuses on the following core themes:

  • Climate and Energy, Just Transition Area of intervention: renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Peaceful and inclusive societies Area of intervention: good governance and prevention of violence
  • Sustainable economic development, training and employment Area of intervention: Technical and vocational education and training; labour market
  • Cooperation outside the core areas: Health Area of intervention: vaccine production

For more information:

German development cooperation with South Africa​​​​​​​

Together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Federal Foreign Office (AA) coordinates the exchange of information between all parties and coordinates the political steering of the state implementing organisations, e.g. the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and the German Development Bank (KfW).

Additionally, local organizations may receive financial support in individual cases:

Micro projects funded by the German Missions in South Africa, Lesotho and Eswatini

In addition, the Embassy coordinates the preparation and implementation of intergovernmental negotiations and consultations (in-depth dialogue) between Germany and South Africa, during which joint development cooperation priorities are agreed upon.

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The task of the Embassy is to coordinate the many different activities Germany is involved with in support of South Africa's transition towards a “Green Economy”. It promotes bilateral cooperation between South Africa and Germany on global environmental issues such as climate protection and sustainable development. Moreover, it assists in the planning and implementation of development projects in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate protection, and acts as a point of contact for German corporates wishing to invest in those sectors.

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This section represents the German Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL).

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The department has regional responsibilities and is in charge for South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe und Eswatini.

The most important partner in Sub-Saharan Africa is the Republic of South Africa, a major emerging economy and the gateway to the entire Southern African region. The objectives of the cooperation include an exchange on global food policy.

Food security remains a key challenge on the African continent, thus the cooperation with partner countries focuses on supporting the set-up of sustainable agricultural production.

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Commitment to Africa - Africa concept of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture

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South Africa is Germany's main cooperation partner in Africa when it comes to science and technology.

Common research takes place in the areas of health, advanced manufacturing, climate change, energy, astronomy, biodiversity, geosciences, sustainability research and sustainable land management.

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The Defence Attaché and his deputy are representatives for the German Armed Forces in South Africa. In addition to South Africa, their area of responsibility includes Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and the Kingdom of Lesotho.

The Defence Attaché advises the Ambassador on military and security matters, as well as on relevant policy developments in the regions for which he is accredited. Another responsibility is the facilitation of cooperation between the German Federal Ministry of Defence and the Ministries of the Defence of the above-mentioned Southern African countries.

His tasks include:

  • Advising the Ambassador in matters relating to defence and military capabilities
  • Informing the German Government of developments of the South African security and defence policies, Armed Forces and armament
  • Informing the South African government authorities and NGO’s about topics of German defence policies, Armed Forces and armament
  • Coordinating of bilateral cooperation and education programmes between German and South African National Defence Forces
  • Informing the public about military questions concerning the whole spectrum of the German Federal Armed Forces.

The Defence Attaché's Office

Defence Attaché

Captain (Navy) Thomas Burchert

Assistant Defence Attaché

Warrant Officer Dirk Mindermann

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