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08.07.2024 - Article
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The protection and promotion of human rights are key priorities for the German Government. Article 1 of Germany’s Basic Law describes human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world. This means that Germany is committed to promoting human dignity and to protecting fundamental freedoms not only in Germany but throughout the world.

To promote this, the German Federal Foreign Office, through its Embassies all over the world, provides funds for sponsoring different projects supporting the protection of human rights all over the world. The amount of money granted can vary with a ceiling at 150.000 €. Essential for the application is a detailed financing plan that should include the use of some of your own resources. Furthermore, the application should include a description of how you would present your project results to the public (i.e. press releases, public events).

The German Embassy accepts project proposals for the respective following year by August 31. In case of a project selection, implementation can be started upon notification; usually project partners are notified in January or February and can commence their project implementation in February or March. As projects need to be fully implemented by December 31 of the respective year, their intended duration should not exceed 10-11 months.

Projects can, for example, focus on the objectives identified in the German Government’s Action Plan for Human Rights:

Preserving and expanding the human rights acquis

  • Strengthening human rights in the context of the digital transition
  • Tackling climate action, protection of biodiversity and the environment and defence of human rights as a unified challenge
  • Promoting the rights to water and sanitation, health, housing and nutrition
  • Strengthening human rights in the context of business and trade
  • Championing freedom of the media and freedom of opinion
  • Championing freedom of religion or belief
  • Championing gender equality
  • Actively promoting the Women, Peace and Security Agenda
  • Strengthening children’s rights
  • Championing the rights of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees
  • Championing the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples
  • Strengthening the rights of older people
  • Promoting the right to education

Combating human rights violations

  • Combating racism, antisemitism and other forms of hatred against particular groups
  • Opposing the death penalty around the world
  • Combating torture and enforced or involuntary disappearance
  • Combating discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity · Combating human trafficking
  • Opposing discrimination against people with disabilities

Strengthening institutions and stakeholders dedicated to protecting human rights

  • Creating and preserving spaces where civil society can operate, including online; supporting the work of human rights defenders
  • Strengthening international instruments, bodies and monitoring agencies and national human rights institutions
  • Promoting the realisation of human rights through development cooperation

Consolidating the rule of law

  • Combating impunity
  • Strengthening the procedural rights of suspects and accused persons in criminal proceedings
  • Promoting the rule of law in crisis situations and fragile contexts as an important contribution to human rights protection and peacekeeping, not least in peace missions
  • Urging compliance with human rights in the fight against terrorism

Please send project proposals and the detailed financing plan (only complete proposals may be considered) to : info@pretoria.diplo.de (Please state “Human Rights Project Application” in the subject line)

Information for applicants (Guidelines)
Application form (If you would like a word version of the application form, please send us a short email to the address above.)

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