Honorary Consul Maseru, Lesotho

17.06.2024 - Article

Currently, the Federal Republic of Germany relies on a network of about 350 Honorary Consuls worldwide, one of them in Maseru, Lesotho.

Honorary Consul Maseru, Mantopi Lebofa
Honorary Consul Maseru, Mantopi Lebofa© German Embassy Pretoria

Honorary Consuls are active in many places in complementing the network of diplomatic and consular missions. They serve as focal point for both the government and citizens of the host country as well as German citizens residing in or visiting the country.

German Honorary Consuls are working in an honorary capacity and – based on the longterm experience in the country have excellent contacts, are well versed in the local circumstances and can therefore render valuable assistance to the Embassy in charge as well as Germans in distress.

The tasks to be performed by the German Honorary Consul in Maseru mainly consist of securing the interests of Germany and its citizens in Lesotho as well as in fostering the relations between Lesotho and Germany.

Ms Lebofa supports and complements the work of the German Embassy in Pretoria in a broad way, for example in the field of bilateral political relations, consular affairs, cultural cooperation, promotion of trade and commerce as well as building a positive and modern image of Germany abroad.

Honorary Consuls can offer many but not all services. There are some special provisions when consulting an Honorary Consul. Should the requested service not fall within the scope of the Honorary Consul, the German Embassy in Pretoria will be glad to assist.

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Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany


Mantopi Lebofa, Honorary Consul






German Honorary Consul

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Corner Kingsway & Pioneer Roads


Kingdom of Lesotho

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