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General Information

Honorary Consul's Office in Ebène
Honorary Consul's Office in Ebène© Honorary Consul Ebène

Currently, the Federal Republic of Germany relies on a network of about 350 Honorary Consuls worldwide, one of them in Ebène (Mauritius).

Honorary Consuls are active in many places in complementing the network of diplomatic and consular missions. They are appointed at places where the running of a consular mission would be too complex (e.g. due to the size of the consular jurisdiction) but having a focal point for citizens is still useful given the number of Germans residing or temporarily visiting in the area.

German Honorary Consuls are working in an honorary capacity and –based on the longterm experience in the country have excellent contacts, are well versed in the local circumstances and can therefore render valuable assistence to Germans in distress.

The tasks to be performed by the German Honorary Consul in Ebène mainly consist of securing the interests of Germany and its citizens in Mauritius as well as in fostering the relations between Mauritius and Germany.

Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Marius Schneider
Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, Marius Schneider© Honorary Consul Ebène

He also suppports and complement the work of the German Embassy in Antananarivo and Pretoria in a broad way, for example in the field of consular duties, cultural cooperation, promotion of trade and commerce as well as building a positive and modern image of Germany abroad.

Honorary Consuls can offer many but not all services. There are some special provisions when consulting an Honorary Consul. Applications launched with the Honorary Consul in Ebène will be forwarded to the German Embassy in Pretoria/South Africa for processing.

The Honoary Consul in Ebène, Mr. Marius Schneider, is being assisted by Ms Larissa Wilhelm.

Consular Services


Mauritian citizens require a visa for Germany if they want to stay longer than 90 days in Germany.

The Honoary Consul´s Office in Ebène is not involved in the visa application process and can neither accept applications nor provide information about visa matters.

Visa applications for Germany can be lodged from Mauritius at the TLScontact visa application center in Ebène. Appointments are open for booking now on the TLScontact website.

Information on the application process for visas including required documents can be found here.
All requests for additional Information (not covered in the Website accessible under a.m. link) should be directed to the German Embassy in Pretoria.

Fees, Payment options

You can find a compilation of all fees charged for consular services on the general page on fees for the German missions in South Africa.

If documents need to be couriered to the competent German mission (e.g. passports applications, name declarations, registrations of births or marriages, citizenship applications), the respective costs for sending such documents will be charged to you - currently for visa applications 1800 MUR, in all other cases (e.g. passport applications) 1500 MUR.

Further to that, the office of the Honorary Consul is equipped with specific hard- and software in order to be able to take biometric data (fingerprints) from passport applicants, while the final responsibility for the issuance of passports in South Africa rests with the German missions.
Apart from the passport fees (please refer to the general page on fees) and the costs for sending the applications to the competent German mission (see above), additional fees in accordance with No. 10.1 of the AABGebV must be charged for submission and forwarding of the passport / ID-application through the Honorary Consul´s office amounting to currently 77,60€.

The conversion of the fees from Euro to MUR is done on the actual day of payment based on the exchange rate in use at the German Embassy in Pretoria.

Payment options:
Only payment in cash in Mauritius Rupee (MUR) is accepted.

Contact, Appointment

Consular Services are offered three days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), 9h00 to 12h00 a.m. For all services it is imperative to schedule an appointment. Before visiting us, read the information available for your request on our website .

You can reach the office by telephone during office hours only. In emergency cases, please send an email.

Contact: Did you read the information provided on our website and have further questions? Would you like to schedule an appointment? You are welcome to contact us.

Telephone: +230 5253 0300 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9h00 to 12h00)

Attention: We reserve the right not to reply to questions if the answer can be found on our website Services A-Z or in the FAQs.

Address, Site plan

Address: Ebene Junction, Rue de la Démocratie, Ebène, Mauritius


Public transport to the Honorary Consul's office

Bus Route no. 15 ROSE HILL

Bus Route no. 16 ROSE HILL

Bus Route no. 174 ROSE HILL

Bus Route no. 2 CUREPIPE

Bus Route no. 174 PORT LOUIS

Bus Route no. 255 BORD CASCADE

Bus Route no. 254 CUREPIPE

Bus Route no. 173 SAINT PIERRE

Bus Route no. 163 PORT LOUIS

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