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There will be no duplicates of certificates of citizenship issued.

You can only apply for determination of citizenship, again. It is likely that you do not have to present all the supporting documents of your ancestors again, but you will have to submit proof of changes in your situation since the issuance of the previous certificate of citizenship. In other aspects, the procedure will be the same.

No. Read here

No. We cannot double check or pre-approve your application by email. Applications can only be processed with the original documentation during and after your appointment.

Yes, read here


The payment can only be made via EFT to the Bundeskasse Trier. Proof of payment must be presented upon collection of the certificate of citizenship.

Proof of payment:

  • EFT document with original confirmation stamp from your bank
  • bank statements
  • online banking printouts
  • written confirmation of payment issued by your bank

All of the above have to show your personal information and the reference number. It is not necessary to email the proof of payment in advance, it must instead be presented upon collection.

Children are automatically German by birth if one parent held German citizenship at the time. If your “Einbürgerungsurkunde” was handed to you before the birth of your child, your child is a German citizen already. You cannot and do not have to apply for naturalization for him/her.

If you still wish to have a document confirming their citizenship, you can apply for a certificate of citizenship, read here

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