Police Clearance Certificate - Certificate of Good Conduct


You require a police clearance certificate (“Führungszeugnis”) from Germany? Find Information on how to apply here.

Applying for a Police Clearance Certificate

Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis mit ausgeschwärztem Inhalt.
Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis© Auswärtiges Amt

A certificate must be applied for in person at your local registry office (“Meldebehörde”).

If you do not reside in Germany, you may apply to the Federal Office of Justice for a police clearance certificate. The application requires a certified signature.

Confirmation of identity and signature

Your identity and signature may be confirmed by a South African authority, if that authority is the holder of an official seal. You may also have this certified at a German Mission in South Africa. In order to do so, you must come in person and bring:

  • Fully completed form
  • Your passport
  • Fee

Where Do I Send the Application?

Your certified application form must be sent by post directly to the Federal Office of Justice:

Bundesamt für Justiz
- Bundeszentralregister –
Sachgebiet IV21/IR
53094 Bonn

Email or fax from a private person is not accepted!


In addition to the fee for the confirmation of your identity and signature (consular certification) at the German Mission, a fee for the issuing of the certificate will be asked by the Federal Office of Justice, currently the fee amounts to 13 EUR and has to be transferred directly to the Federal Office of Justice. Read more here

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