Family members of non-German EU citizens


You are a family member of an EU citizen (non-German)? Special requirements apply in this case – regardless whether you are travelling for business or tourism purposes. You will find all relevant information including required documents on this page.

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General information about Schengen visa and the application process can be found here.

If you meet the following criteria special (easier) requirements apply to you for a Schengen visa application.

You are...

  • the spouse, the partner in life or a relative in the direct descending line of a EU citizen
  • a relative in the direct descending line of the spouse or partner in life of a EU citizen and are under 21 years of age
  • a relative in the direct ascending and direct descending line of a EU citizen or of his/her spouse or partner in life, for whom these persons or their spouses or partners in life provide maintenance
  • the relevant EU citizen lives in Germany or you want to accompany him/her to Germany

Please note:

According to the Visa Code, the German Missions in South Africa are only responsible for processing your application if your main destination is Germany.

Submission of false documentation or incorrect information will most likely result in a refusal or even a travel ban to Germany or other Schengen States.

The submission of incomplete documentation can result in a refusal.

The German Missions in South Africa reserve the right to ask for additional documentation at any time during the processing of the application whenever deemed necessary.

Documentation sent via fax or e-mail, which has not been requested, will not be allocated to an application.

During the application process your passport has to remain with the German mission and cannot be withdrawn.

A visa issued under the Freedom of movement Act/EU will only allow you to join the EU citizen in Germany (if he/she is residing there) or to accompany him/her. If not accompanying the EU citizen living outside the EU, I might be refused entry into the Schengen Area when using such visa.

The Checklist of required documents has to be printed and signed and submitted at your appointment .

Please find the checklist for this travel purpose here: (Checklist Family members of non-German EU citizens: print-version).

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