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You are meeting a supplier or a client in Germany?
You will find all relevant information including required documents on this page.

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General information about Schengen visa and the application process can be found here.

IMPORTANT: Duly completed application forms may be submitted six months prior to your intended travel date.

It may take an average time of 15 days to process your Schengen visa application.

Therefore applicants are strongly encouraged to apply well in advance of their actual travel dates. This will help ensuring a smooth organization of your trip.

If your travel date is imminent or lies within two weeks of your application date, please check if you can postpone your trip. In general, neither the German Mission nor the Service Provider is able to expedite the process.

Please note:

According to the Visa Code, the German Missions in South Africa are only responsible for processing your application if your main destination is Germany.

Submission of false documentation or incorrect information will most likely result in a refusal or even a travel ban to Germany or other Schengen States.

The submission of incomplete documentation can result in a refusal.

The German Missions in South Africa reserve the right to ask for additional documentation at any time during the processing of the application whenever deemed necessary.

Documentation sent via fax or e-mail, which has not been requested, will not be allocated to an application.

During the application process your passport has to remain with the German mission and cannot be withdrawn.

The Checklist of required documents for a business trip to Germany has to be printed and signed and submitted at your appointment (Checklist business: print-version).

One completed visa application form

  1. Please open the online application form
  2. fill it fully and correctly in English or German
  3. download the completed form as a PDF-file, then
  4. print it and
  5. sign and date it

One photograph

Recent passport photograph according to biometric specifications

Passport Original + 1 copy of the data page

Valid and signed passport (must have been issued within the last 10 years), which must have at least two blank pages and be valid for at least 3 months after the scheduled return.

Passport copy of pages containing personal data.

Non-South African citizens must hold a valid residency/work permit which allows

reentering South Africa upon the end of the journey.

Previous passports (non-SA citizens).

Applicant exiting Germany and returning to South Africa via another country needs to present the relevant visa for that Country.

Documents proving

purpose of


Recent invitation letter from business partner in Germany with names, dates and signature.

Covering letter by the company (employer) with complete travel plan (itinerary).

Proof of accommodation including complete address.

Flight reservation (round trip), rail tickets and other if applicable.

Proof of employment Situation

If employed: Current letter of employment with original signature.

If self-employed: Company registration document.

If student: Current proof of school/university registration confirming that the student is exempt from attending lectures during the requesting travel period, with an original signature.

If medical doctor: Valid license to practice from HPSCA and copy of the HPCSA-Card.

If other employment situation: Current proof of occupation.


of financial status and sufficient funds (45.00 euros per person per day)

Personal bank statements with money movement of the past three months.

Formal obligation letter of your sponsor (if applicable).

Signed declaration in accordance with Article 54 paragraph 2 number 8 in conjunction with Article 53 Residence Act

This is the last page of the visa application form (cf. number 1).

Overseas medical travel insurance for Schengen States

Valid travel health insurance covering your requested stay with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros, valid for all Schengen countries.

When applying for a multiple-entry visa, a one-year or multi-year visa, it suffices to present a valid travel health insurance for your first trip

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