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11.03.2021 - Article

The German Foreign Office’s Climate Fund supports projects in the areas of climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity.

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The projects should focus in particular on the transfer of knowledge and on motivation and involvement of all relevant actors. Acitivites may include workshops, panel discussions, webinars, and put an emphasis on the impact of climate change and biodiversity degradation on gobal security.

The financial scope of the projects should be between 200,000 and 1,000,000 ZAR. It is also encouraged to combine several smaller projects in one overall concept and Framework.

Project proposals should focus on:

Climate Policy, Climate and Security

  • Facilitating exchange of information and knowhow regarding climate policies at all levels (global - UNFCCC COP26 -, national, subnational and local).
  • Raising awareness for climate conflicts and for the importance of climate policy as security policy and advancing climate action and sustainable development as integral parts of global security policy.
  • Supporting action which drives the transition towards a low carbon economy and sustainable, resilient society.

Biodiversity Policy, nature conservation and wildlife Management

  • Facilitating exchange of information and knowhow regarding biodiversity policies at all levels (global – UNCBD COP15, national, subnational and local).
  • Addressing the interlinkages of climate and biodiversity policies and enhancing awareness for as well as action on climate adaptation.
  • Raising awareness for the importance of functioning ecosystems for human sustainability and advancing action that addresses the interconnectedness of environmental, animal and human Health.

Who can apply?

  • The Call invites submissions from both, private and public sector
  • Applicants and implementing organizations must have a South African base and need to contribute financially or by in kind contribution/staff

Additional remarks:

Applicants are expected to

  • complete projects within one year
  • design projects compatible to COVID-19 regulations (virtual formats)
  • define clear goals and deliverables that allow for monitoring and Evaluation
  • provide a detailes financial plan and information about planned Administration
  • provide information on planned outreach activities and media Coverage

Please submit the following documents

  • Application form signed by two responsible employees of submitting institution or designated persons in charge of the Project
  • Detailed description of the planned project, including goals and objectives, target group(s), deliverables,
  • If applicable: cooperation with other Partners

Please submit your proposal via E-Mail by 31st March 2021 to:


If you need further Information please contact us here.

The Embassy will do an initial screening and, if the above criteria are met, submit your proposal to the German Federal Foreign Office’s headquarter, where the selection process will be completed.

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