Retaining German Citizenship


In general, applying for and obtaining a foreign citizenship results in the loss of German citizenship. In order to avoid this, you can apply for a letter of retention before becoming naturalised abroad.

If you are planning on obtaining a foreign citizenship, you should first apply for a German letter of retention in order to not lose German citizenship. Read the information on our German language website

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Read here about the different ways of becoming a German citizen automatically.

Automatic Acquisition of German Citizenship

You wish to establish the fact that you are German? Or you need to apply for a certificate confirming and proving that you are a German citizen? Read here about what a certificate of Citizenship is and how to apply.

Certificate of Citizenship - Determination of German Citizenship

One may lose German citizenship.

Read about the reasons for loss of citizenship and how you can avoid it.

Loss of German Citizenship

You are not a German citizen automatically but wish to become German?

Almost always, naturalisation requires the candidate to be residing in Germany. Naturalisation from abroad is possible in only a very few exceptional cases, about which you can read here.

Naturalisation and Acquisition by declaration

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